Welcome to Our Lake of the Lake Catholic School


Welcome back OLL Families! We are looking forward to an exciting school year!




Mission Statement of Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School
Our Lady of the Lake School Community Educates, nurtures, and guides students spiritually, academically, and physically, in the Franciscan Spirit,  through the Gospels and teachings of the Catholic Faith.
Philosophy of Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School
Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School is designed for the education, development, and spiritual formation of children.  This is a partnership of effort between students, school staff, parents, PARISHIONERS AND LOCAL COMMUNITIES.  It is our goal to:
  1. Fulfill the academic needs of the individual student with a curriculum that REINFORCES THE CATHOLIC FAITH AND enables the students to develop maximum potential in all subject areas.  Emphasis is placed on the student’s responsibility to recognize and develop his or her talents to the fullest.
  2. Provide opportunities for each student to develop CHRISTIAN values that are a basis for decision-making and for further growth and development.
  3. Create an atmosphere of joy, love, and concern for each individual student, which provides each student with a sense of belonging, thereby helping each student TO develop a positive SELF-WORTH.
  4. Help each student learn to appreciate and respect the rights of others so they may become true peacemakers at school, at home, and in the community.
  5. Provide clear behavioral expectations based on a model of peace, JUSTICE and respect for all.
Welcome to the new school year!